Pastor Rosedanny Ortiz

Rosedanny joined the Casa Linda Staff as Logistics Director in 2017. Then, in summer 2020, she became the Director of Family Ministries. Not long after that, on October of 2020, she became Casa Linda’s Lead Pastor. The first female lead pastor in the almost 70 years of history of this church.

What she loves the most about this new position is the opportunity to envision the church’s future—leading with passion toward the goals that she has created alongside staff and ministry coordinators. Rosedanny has three goals: finding new ways to connect with the community, partner with other UM churches to enrich the ministry, and work on the unity and diversity of our church.

Before coming to Casa Linda, she graduated with a bachelor’s in computer engineering in Puerto Rico. Then, she arrived to Dallas in 2016 with her husband, Luis Malave, also an engineer. As soon as they arrived, they joined Casa Linda Church. During her time here, she answered her call to ministry. After that, she pursued a master’s in divinity degree and had a daughter, Sofía Isabel.

Rosedanny enjoys her time off by watching movies, relaxing and playing in the outdoors with her family, swimming if she has time, decorating her home, and at her blog, More Faith (