Pastor Juan Rios

Juan began serving at Casa Linda Church at the beginning of October 2020. Juan loves that he is able to work to help others see God at work in their lives as he embraces Gods grace, love, and forgiveness for himself and wants for others to embrace it for themselves!

Before Casa Linda, Juan was an outreach pastor at Lake Highlands UMC connecting the community to the church. Before that, Juan worked as a Pastoral Intern at Elmwood El Buen Samaritano UMC and Highschool Program Director at Wesley Rankin Community Center.

Juan and his wife Eliana are a clergy couple in the North Texas Conference. She is currently an appointed Licensed Local Pastor at Arapaho UMC. Juan and Eliana do not have children yet, but are praying that God will expand our family really soon! They both grew up and currently live in the Old East Dallas part of town and have all of their family living throughout the city.

On his free time, Juan loves to engage my artistic and creative mind. Juan is most definitely a very solid 4 on the enneagram! Juan is a creative problem solver and loves to design and build projects like repurposing old furniture to bring them back to life. Juan loves to listen to every kind of music and enjoys learning history and anthropology. One for Juan’s favorite things to do is to travel to the beach with Eliana!